Participant Benefits

  • Flexibility in plan design ensuring each hospital has the ability to customize what's right for them
  • Leverage group purchasing power to receive contract provisions and annual caps typically only awarded to large entities
  • Dramatically reduce administration expenses for services through economies of scale
  • Maintain separate insurance contracts thereby sheltering your risk to your group
  • Ability to encourage utilization in your own facility and other THIA partners by Plan design
  • Rate caps with a “no laser” contract provision
  • Contractual multi-year administrative rate guarantees
  • Meaningful administrative performance contractual guarantees
  • Integrated solution overseen by HealthSure to prudently manage healthcare spend
  • Best in class service providers vetted by HealthSure and the TORCH Insurance Committee to ensure best outcomes
  • TORCH will use its combined leverage to negotiate “direct” best-in-class, global price package contracts with Centers of Excellence Hospitals in the State of Texas for all of the complex care rendered outside of a TORCH hospital
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Contracts will leverage the collective buying power of THIA to access contractual terms not otherwise available to individual hospitals
  • Government Compliance and technical services
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Program
  • Integrated Wellness Platform
  • Integrated COBRA and FSA administrative services
  • Online enrollment tools

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